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At Makeyal, we seek to empower entrepreneurs and project owners to achieve their expansion and investment goals through crowdfunding, and we target the following sectors

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Hesham AbouJamee
Founder & CEO


Generating efforts, achieving prosperity.
We strive to create the leading and the largest crowdfunding Company/platform in KSA that provides an integrated framework to support smooth crowdfunding activities and ensure a safe and reliable environment for both fundraisers and investors.


We aim to implement the best international practices through our professional experts and superior tools, raise crowdfunding awareness, and provide the fundraisers and stakeholders with innovative consultations to apply governance and effective organizational structures

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Makyal Financial Technologies Company is a Saudi closed joint stock company with a capital of 7,500,000 Saudi Riyals, registered with the Ministry of Commerce under commercial registration number (1010665180) and unified number (7008525268) on 16/03/1442 H, originating from Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Makyal Financial Technologies obtained a license from the Capital Market Authority with license number (10-23263) on 21/06/2023 H to engage in securities activities for arranging activities, and started operating on 27/12/2023.

Based on the Financial Market Law issued by Royal Decree number (M/30) dated 02/06/1424 H, and the instructions for the Financial Technology Experiment Permit issued by the Authority on 23/04/1439 H corresponding to 10/01/2018, which aims to provide a regulatory framework that supports financial technology (fintech) innovation in the financial market in the Kingdom, the Authority Council issued its decision on 23/07/2020 approving the financial technology experiment permit application submitted by Makyal Financial Technologies Company to establish a crowdfunding platform. Based on this permit, Makyal Financial Technologies Company will be able to test the crowdfunding platform through which investors can participate in financing medium and small companies in exchange for a share in their stocks. This service is provided through an electronic portal owned and supervised by the company.

Makyal Financial Technologies Company provides promising investment opportunities to achieve significant returns for investors. Our goal is to serve the interests of customers while committing to risk management, compliance, work standards, and high transparency standards. The company is managed by an experienced team with a network of relationships and business with banking and investment institutions and employers.

Disclaimer is a website that is owned and managed by Mekyal Financial Technologies Company where all crowdfunding related activities are conducted. By accessing this website or any webpage thereof, you agree to comply with the User Agreement and our Privacy Policy. Mekyal Financial Technologies Company does not provide any investment advices or recommendations. Any communication through this website or any other means shall not be construed as a recommendation for any opportunity offered through this platform.

The opportunities offered on the platform through this website shall be available for investors who have subscribed to the platform. Furthermore, these transactions are availed to all investors who are non-minor citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The investors must be aware of the high risks associated with the transactions on this platform and are willing to accept such risks, as the crowdfunding offers placed on this website are risky in nature and involve the risk of loss of the entire investment. The securities sold through private subscriptions and crowdfunding shall not be placed for public trading. There shall be no assurance that the assessment presented for the opportunities is accurate or conform with the assessments made by the market or the industry.

Additionally, the investors may obtain restricted shares that are subject to the holding period requirements as stipulated by the laws enforced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Investing in the crowdfunding requires high risk taking and inability to liquidate the investments as well as long term obligations. Invest only an amount that you can bear its loss without changing your lifestyle. The Capital Market Authority or any government or regulatory commission have not recommended or approved any investment or any accuracy or completeness of any of the information or materials presented through the website. The investors must be able to take the risk of losing their entire investments.